The Treasure Chronicles is not a video game. We have real actors, real stories, and real treasures.

The World is full of lost treasures. 

Join us each season as we investigate their secrets.

 You may even be able take home your share of the lost treasure!

The Treasure Chronicles is a truly interactive online media experience.

Plain and simple, the viewers control our story. There is no set ending to each season of The Treasure Chronicles. Our audience must decide individually how they believe the story should proceed.

They must also work together as a community for the heroes in the story to succeed.

In our contest, to accompany each season, every viewer has a chance to claim a stake of the lost treasure if it is found.  Real Treasure Stories and Real Rewards!


Season 1 Elite Treasure Hunter -  $3,000 USD current reward

Remember, the value of the Elite Treasure Hunter reward is completely tied to how many people join as paying members!


Season 1 Treasure Hunter - $1,000 USD current reward


Each episode will also have rewards available to Elite Treasure Hunters.  The value and number of rewards will be announced before each episode goes online. 


See 'How it Works' for more details.




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We are offering viewers the chance to experience history during the inaugural season of the Treasure Chronicles.

You will be controlling the story and directing our heroes. 


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