The California Gold Rush!

A time of unparalleled excitement, adventure, and discovery.  Fortunes made (and lost) overnight.  Not all of these fortunes were lost to unscrupulous schemers or poorly placed wagers.

Some of the lost fortunes became legends.  Lost in the mists of time.  Forgotten - until now.

In our first season, you will have an opportunity to dig into one of the legends of the California Gold Rush. 

The California Gold Rush was a unique time in the history of the world.  Never before, nor since,  have so many people voluntarily migrated to one place.

The mass influx of humanity in an ungoverned area resulted in a lawless environment fraught with danger and adventure. 

Story Background

Our story is set in modern times, but it is a throwback to early television adventure series.  Whenever possible, we intend to highlight the actual historical locations where our treasure stories take place.  Drama, suspense, and cliffhangers will all be part of the series (with a sprinkling of comic relief).  The big difference?  If there are cliffhangers, you'll need to figure out how the characters will get down off the cliff - or perhaps you won't.  Nobody ever said treasure hunting is easy.


Treasure Hunter's Preparation

If finding treasures were easy, then the world wouldn't still be full of them.  Some have been lost for centuries!  Finding treasure takes preparation, hard work, and a bit of luck.  Our heroes will be putting in the hard work, so that just leaves you with the preparation (and the luck).   It would be in your best interest to become familiar with the history of the Gold Rush, survival skills, and the type of dangers one might encounter in the wilderness of Northern California.  



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