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Current Decision Point

Henry has some ideas about the map, but he isn't making the decision.  You are.

The map is available to view in the clues area below to help you make that decision.


Episode 3: Where do you think Lola, Antonio, and Henry should begin their search?   

#1  Near Mt Shasta, in far northern California, because of Joaquin's known association with the area?

#2  In the heart of the California Gold Country east of Sacramento, as it was the center of the Gold Rush?

#3  Near Pinnacles Plain where Joaquin was allegedly hunted down and killed?

#4  In the foothills near Marysville as this was where his gang called home?



Episode 1: What do you think Lola and Antonio should do next?


#1 Try to find Skagit and give him back the package.

#2 Call the police and explain what they just saw.

#3 Call a phone number that they found in the package.  *The audience choice!*

#4 Try to figure out where the map they found leads to on their own.


Here are the results from the voting for the first episode.

The results of audience voting for episode 1.


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The Leaderboard

Compare your treasure hunting skills and find out where you stand in the quest to win the grand prize.


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The Rewards

The current elite Treasure Hunter Grand Prize = $3,000 US*

*It keeps growing as we add elite members!

 The current basic Treasure Hunter Grand Prize = $1,000 US



We'll be posting additional clues here from the episodes.  Things that you'll need to examine closer to help you figure out the correct decision point.

You can view all of the clues that have been posted so far below:



Bonus TQ Point Opportunities

Yes, there will be other ways to gain TQ points besides voting.  Quizzes, puzzles, real life geocaching treasure hunts, scavenger hunts.

We'll have all kind of extra ways for you to get more points and become the top treasure hunter.  We'll announce them right here.

No active bonus point opportunities at this time.


Where should we hold our next virtual treasure hunt (for real treasure)?

  •  Seattle, Washington USA
  •  Washington, DC USA
  •  Los Angeles, CA USA
  •  San Francisco, CA USA
  •  Other location (you'll need to tell us where!)



Hunter Profiles

We love our audience and we want to highlight our top treasure hunters each week.

We'll profile our winners and top scorers as well as our top community members.



Should we reach the end of the season with ties.  Those tied audience members will go through a series of tests in order to claim the grand prize.

The Test of Knowledge - You'll need to use your wits to answer a series of timed questions about the series you just watched.

The Test of Persuasion - You'll need to convince other people to give you some (or all) of their TQ points.

The Test of Fate - Lady Luck will have the final say if there are still ties after the first two tests.



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