The Cast of The Treasure Chronicles Inaugural Season

Some treasures have been lost for a very long time.  Their stories are a tangle of events, places, and especially people from the past.  Our characters will each have some connection to the past, either an individual, or in some cases a group of people associated with the treasure for each season.  

We'll be updating each of these profiles over the coming weeks to provide you with some insight into each of our character's relation to the past.  



These highly talented people represent some of the true treasures in our production.  We are very glad to have them along for the journey.


Berman Obaldia - Eduard "Crunch" Cuenca

Berman Obaldia

as Eduard "Crunch" Cuenca

 Chris Smith - Pete Burnett

 Chris Smith

as Pete Burnett

Diana Mandujano - Lola Ricca

Diana Mandujano

as Lola Ricca

 DJ Hale - Daryl Skagit

Derek "DJ" Hale

as Daryl Skagit

Gary Agid - Elijah

 Gary Agid

as "Elijah"

Jeffrey Weissman - Dr. Charles "Jonesy" Jones

Jeffrey Weissman

as  "Dr. Charles "Jonesy" Jones"


Jessica Benz - Charlotte Sinclair

Jessica Benz

as "Charlotte Sinclair"


Scott Divine - Henry Love

Scott Divine

as "Henry Love"

Stuart Campbell - Antonio Delano

 Stuart Campbell

as "Antonio Delano"

Ting Sun - "Wren"


Ting Sun

as "Wren"



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