Episode Rewards for Elite Treasure Hunters TTC Season 1 (In some cases, the actual reward may vary, but the value will be equivalent)

Episode Rewards for Elite Treasure Hunters TTC Season 1 (In some cases, the actual reward may vary, but the value will be equivalent)





The Treasure Chronicles rewards are split into two categories: The Grand Prize and the Episodic rewards. 

Let's take a look at each of them and see what you can win.





There will potentially be two grand prizes awarded for each season of The Treasure Chronicles.

Remember, if the audience doesn't find the treasure during the season, the grand prize rolls over to the next season.


Treasure Hunter Reward

  • No entry fee.
  • Simply watch, vote, and win.
  • Currently set at $1,000 USD


Elite Treasure Hunter Reward

  • Pay your $10 Membership Fee
  • Simply watch, power vote, and win.
  • Reward begins at $3,000 USD
  • For every new member who joins, the reward increases!
  • Multiple winners will divide the  grand prize.



For our Elite (paying) Treasure Hunters, we are giving you a chance to win some fun (and valuable) prizes for voting during each episode.  All you need to do is to vote for the decision point that will keep our heroes on the most direct route to finding the treasure.  

When you vote correctly, you will automatically be placed in a drawing with other Elite Treasure Hunters who also voted for the most accurate choice for that week's decision point.  Winners will be announced when we post the next episode.


We will be awarding a number of different types of rewards during each season.  The value and number or rewards awarded for an episode will depend upon how difficult and important that decision point was.  Here is what we have lined up for the first season.


Geek Rewards


We will be reaching out to the left-brained, techie people with some of the latest, coolest gadgets out there.  We may have alternate choices if you prefer one manufacturer over another.  If you happen to be a right-brained person and don't know what these prizes are, you can click on the link (or find a friendly left-brainer).  Here are some links to devices we will be awarding:



Classic Rewards


We will be digging back into the past to let you claim an actual part of history.  You will have the chance to win items that are actually from the California Gold Rush!  Some of these items will be authentic artifacts from the Gold Rush.  Some may not be from the Gold Rush era, but will be unique and interesting.

These items will certainly be valuable now, but just think what their future potential might be!


  • Old coins and currency (some of it dated back to the California Gold Rush)
  • Old newspapers, letters, and other artifacts
  • Actual gold nuggets from the California gold country


Creative type rewards


For the right-brainers, we'll be offering you a chance to connect with our creative side and the rewards will reflect that.  The monetary value of these items may be somewhat ambiguous, but for the hard core fan of The Treasure Chronicles, their value will transcend mere dollars and cents.


  • A California Gold Rush replica poster signed by all of the cast and crew
  • The directors chair
  • Props from the first season of The Treasure Chronicles


Rewards for Everyone


Amazon gift cards.  American Express and Visa gift cards.  You'll get to take your pick.  Much like the shows we're creating, we want to give you the freedom to choose.  


We hope you've enjoyed this examination of the Treasure Chronicles Rewards.  Keep in mind that there may also be rewards not mentioned here.  We like surprises!






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