Quick Update

We're feverishly working on the final edits of the upcoming episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We've got a few filler scenes to capture this week and then we'll be adding the music selections, including those from "Diego's Umbrella" and "Off to California".   We'll have a release date for you very soon.

We'll also be releasing a poll in the coming days to allow you to direct us where our next virtual treasure hunt will be.  We'll be sponsoring another real treasure hunt with real gold rewards, perhaps in your home town.




We're also releasing some updates to our website this month to allow you to gain additional Treasure Hunter points.  These will be important towards your chances of winning our grand prize for the first season of The Treasure Chronicles.  We'll have quizzes, polls, and other interesting contests you can enter to gain more points towards our $3,000 grand prize.

Get ready to re-join the hunt!


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