The Future of The Treasure Chronicles

We hope that you've enjoyed the latest episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We wanted to give you a longer view of how our concept of interactive programming works.  Our goal is to immerse you into our stories.  The audience has absolute and complete control of whether or not Lola, Antonio, and Henry succeed.  Not even we, the creators of the story, know precisely how it will end.

We began our journey with the idea that we would give our audience an incentive to pay to view.  That incentive being that our views can win actual rewards.  In a very real sense, we are creating a game show in which the audience can win stuff, not the person on the screen.  We purposely avoided using ads and sponsors because we believed it was time the audience had the chance to be entertained AND get paid - instead of just the big media companies.

That model has not worked as well as we would have hoped.  As things stand now, we simply can't continue to produce The Treasure Chronicles through self funding.  Our next phase is to look for help.  We'll be looking at all of our options to continue the series.  We'll consider advertising, sponsors, investors, partnerships, and even another crowd funding effort through Seed & Spark.

Unfortunately, that means we will have to put production on ice again until we figure out things.  Meanwhile, we intend to continue to provide you with opportunities to gain TQ points and win prizes.  We even have a few surprises in store for you in the weeks and months ahead. 


Our money back guarantee

To those of you who have become paying members - our profound thanks.  In the very near future, we will contact you directly via email to offer you the opportunity to have your money refunded (or you can keep you membership as we push ahead!)  


This is not the end

This is simply a new phase.  We have just begun the fight to redefine how entertainment media is experienced!  We'll keep you up to date as things develop.


From all of us at Immagix Media - thank you for 




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