What is this?

To start with, we'll tell you what it isn't.  It is not a video game - not that there's anything wrong with video games.  We believe that the time has come for entertainment media to finally use technology to allow viewers to participate.  We take what people have known for centuries (interesting stories with engaging characters) and we allow our audience to collectively direct the story.   We call them virtual directors.    

Who are you?

We are a  team of technology and video production professionals with decades of experience in both industries.  Immagix brings these two disciplines together to achieve something very different.  We are extremely passionate about what we do and rest assured that we are committed to bringing you the highest quality entertainment experience that we possibly can.  With that in mind, we aren't a giant Hollywood studio with hordes of staff and gargantuan budgets.  However, we believe that at it's core, entertainment media shouldn't be all about flash and glitz.  If you tell smart, compelling stories, with quality actors practicing their craft, then it will resonate with audiences.    

Has this been done before?

Not exactly.  The idea isn't entirely new, but our approach is, and our stories definitely are!  The concept of selecting alternate endings in books and film has been around for many years.  One of the key differences is that our audience will be involved as a collective whole to drive our stories.  What we are presenting an evolution of traditional media (i.e. television and film).  Truly interactive media won't replace those traditional entertainment formats.  It is simply an alternative form that allows for technology to bridge the gap between story teller and audience.  

We are borrowing elements of Alternate Reality Gaming (ARG).  If you are truly interested in learning about this entertainment format, and want to completely geek out, then check out Wikipedia's entry on ARG.  


Tell me about The Treasure Chronicles?

Followers of our inaugural series, The Treasure Chronicles, will be in for quite a ride!  Lost treasures have great stories surrounding them.  Mystery.  Intrigue.  Treachery.  The stories in The Treasure Chronicles take inspiration from treasures lost in time.  Who isn't captivated by stories of lost treasures found?  Now you will have an opportunity to investigate some of history's greatest lost treasures.  Working together with (and against!) your fellow treasure hunters you might be able to discover the truth.

Let's talk about the rewards!

If we are talking about treasure, it seems only natural that we should be talking about rewards.  We believe that for too long, the audience has been left out of the involvement equation.  You are expected to passively watch what is presented to you.  Doesn't sound like much fun does it?  

This was truly the inspiration for Immagix.  We want to include our audience in new and creative ways.  Not only are we giving you control, we are also raising the stakes.  Our audience will be the ones who can win the prize, instead of some random stranger you watch on a television show.  Interactivity has its rewards and in the case of The Treasure Chronicles, those rewards will be very real.

Sounds interesting.  What do I need to do to participate?

Participating is actually very simple.  First, read through the rules and the 'How it works'.  Then you simply register, watch, and then vote.  Get smart on the Gold Rush.  It is probably also in your best interest to build a user profile and make yourself known (and useful) to the community.  The knowledge and social standing might come in handy later on.   Continue to watch, influence, and vote throughout the season.  We definitely recommend you tell everyone you know about it.  Remember, the more people involved, the bigger the rewards!

What's next from Immagix?

Right now, we are in the process of putting together our first season of the Treasure Chronicles.  Our plan is to ease our virtual directors into the idea of being in control of our story.  It will be an adjustment for our audience to transform from watchers into hunters.  We have some great surprises in store for future seasons.  We will be involving our audiences in ways that you won't want to miss.  

We also have plans to introduce additional truly interactive series.  We will continue to look for ways to involve you - our audience in our productions.  What's our ultimate goal?  To create an experience where you are completely immersed in our productions.  We want to blur the line between entertainment and reality.  We want to show you how technology and imagination can work together to change the way you experience entertainment media.


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