• Happy Holidays

    We're taking a little break to spend time with family and friends.  We hope you are too.  January is going to be a fun month for us and we look forward to sharing our plans (and our calendar) with you.  We are looking forward to 2014!

  • Dredging up the past

    dredge history miners


    As we get ready to embark on our first season, we thought we should take a look back - way back. The stories of The Treasure Chronicles are all inspired by treasures lost in time. Some of the treasures are real, some are fictional, and some inhabit the blurred area  between reality and fiction. 


    As time marches on and these fortunes remain hidden, their stories almost become mythical. Their values become inflated. The circumstances of their disappearance become more fantastic. Our stories will focus on having the audience sort through the threads from the past to try to weave together a picture that will allow them to unravel the mystery.


    For us, one of the enjoyable aspects of these connections to the past is the opportunity to highlight people, places, and events from those time periods. In our first season, we'll highlight some of the forgotten history of the California Gold Rush. Sometimes, the connections won't be glaringly evident. But we think that challenge will be part of the fun!


    As the series proceeds, we would very much like to introduce actual re-creations of some of the events that led to the treasures being lost. Bringing the past back to life isn't a simple feat - nor is it inexpensive. As our audience grows, we intend to interweave those historical pieces into our stories, by showing you clips and re-creations of how the treasures were originally lost.

  • Good things come from lost fortunes


    We had many goals when we set out to create Immagix and The Treasure Chronicles.  Changing the way people interact with television/media, doing something fun, interesting, and different, and perhaps accomplishing some good things with any success that we achieve. 

    The last point is the focus of this entry. The irony of treasure hunting is that the hunter is ultimately attempting to profit from some poor soul's past misfortune. At some point, through deceit, coercion, mishap, or simply bad luck, the one time possessor of these treasures lost them. The impact on the lives of the dispossessed in some cases must have been tremendous.

    While we intend for our stories to be fun, engaging adventures about finding these hidden treasures, we also understand that we are treading on some shaky ground in terms of Karma. In order to set things right with the Universe, it seems like one of the ways we can make this right is by doing some good things with some of the profits we make from The Treasure Chronicles.

    Philanthropy is a part of who we are and we intend to donate a portion of our profits to good causes.  In keeping with our interactive nature, we plan to have our audience help us select the charities. Don't worry, it won't be charity death match.  We'll make sure that our approach to interactive charitable giving is tasteful.  Lots more details to come on this one.  

    Doing good things while doing what we love. Life doesn't get any better than that!

  • Plans and Permits

    We are still fighting for our film permits.  We are continuing to work with the National Forest Service to allow us to proceed.  If anyone has influence with the Forest Service, we would be forever if your debt.   

    In the meantime, we've been looking at other options and we have some alternate locations on BLM land and/or private land holdings that the Placer County Film Commission recommended.  The problem revolves around one particular location.   If we can't get a permit for that location then we will have to get VERY creative to make something similar.  This will take more time, effort, and cost.

    In the meantime, we're working on a few other fun projects that we will be releasing shortly.  We think they'll be a great way for our audience to get more acquainted with our cast and our concept.  In the end, we'll be very well prepared when we eventually get those permits.

    Does anyone know of a special permit dance they could perform for us? :-)

  • Things are about to get very interesting



    Beginning in December we will be releasing a huge amount of new content.  Here are some of the things that you can look forward to:


    - Weekly contests:  You can win stuff.  Valuable stuff.  You will also have a chance to start earning more bonus TQ points.


    - New video ads with clips from our pilot episode.


    - A 'secret clues' video that will provide our audience with some very helpful insight into out first season.  You might have to work to get this one!


    - The community webpage will be coming online.  We'll be releasing a bunch of new interactive components on the website including enhanced chat, personal profiles that you can build to influence other treasure hunters, and the voting/polling apps.


    - We'll announce our interactive charitable giving plan.


    - We've got some fun social media activities and content to be released as well.


    So get registered at and you are definitely going to want to keep an eye on us as we build towards introducing The Treasure Chronicles to the World


  • It’s a great place to lose something valuable



    As we set out to create The Treasure Chronicles, we were struck by the fact that so many treasures were lost in some amazingly beautiful places. We've decided that those are the stories we intend to highlight. No offense to those of you who might live in a place with a lost treasure in an ugly place, but we won't be filming those anytime soon.

     In most cases, it is the natural splendor of these places that makes them so special. In a real sense, they are natural treasures and we absolutely intend to take every advantage of them to help us tell our story.  In many ways, the settings are responsible for helping keep these treasures hidden for so long.  The locations will present the characters in our stories (and you the audience!) with extreme challenges which you must overcome to help lead our heroes to success.

     Inevitably, the question of beauty is subjective to the eye of the beholder. Our standards for beauty may be different from yours, but we intend to highlight some of these places in a series of photographic social media posts. We'll release our top eight lost treasure locations in our order of preference.  We'll let you decide (and comment) on whether or not you agree with us.

  • Beta Test Plan

    We are getting close to having our voting and scoring applications in place.  We'll be running a test of the process using a very simple approach. 

    We'll post a simple cartoon video series about a make believe adventurer: "Missouri Smith" - He's the low budget knock-off of a certain well-known explorer/archaeologist seen in movies.  We'll let you view his exploits and then direct his story.  We'll run through the same process we intend to use during The Treasure Chronicles.  You'll simply need to register and then vote for what you think Missouri should do in the video.  We'll score your vote and then release results and shows what happens next to hapless Missouri based upon the vote.   

    We'll try to keep it short and entertaining.  And who knows - you just might get to keep some of those points you gain.

  • Secrets and Mysteries

    Do you recall the mystery and intrigue surrounding Willy Wonka and his chocolate factory?  All of the competing candy factories trying to steal his recipes - the double agents and the double crossings.  Mr. Wonka must have had quite a non-disclosure agreement in place with the Oompa Loompas.    We bring this up because we need to explain an aspect of our productions.  

    Keeping things quiet on a set is nothing new in film and television.  However, our situation is somewhat different. Having our audience solving the mysteries and uncovering the secrets in our shows are key to what we will be presenting.  At this time, there is only one person in the World who knows exactly how to navigate through each of the seasons of The Treasure Chronicles.

    Going forward, we will not be able to tell you where we're filming.  We won't be able to show you much behind the scenes of what we're filming. Our cast and crew are actually under strict Non-disclosure agreements.  We won't turn them into candy if they break them, but there are worse things that can happen out in the wilderness. :-)   Don't mistake silence for inactivity.  We are busy creating and hatching.  We simply don't want to spoil the surprise.


  • Memberships and Points

    Elite treasure hunter (paying) registration is available again.   TQ Points are coming online very soon! You might see a point total in your account - we'll get those balances corrected as we continue to roll them out.

    Remember, here's what your $10 will buy you:

    - Additional votes (2 votes to every 1 basic treasure hunter).

    - Advertisement free viewing of all episodes.

    - Eligible to win the Elite Grand Prize.  The prize amount is only limited by how many people join!

    - Eligible to win prizes every episode.

    - Exclusive access to behind the scenes and special content and events.


  • Filming Production Update

    As has been mentioned in previous posts, we are working with the National Forest Service to try to reach an agreement on shooting in some key locations for our series.  At this point, we have requested a shoot window of 15 November to 15 December.  So far, the weather in Northern California is postcard perfect, but Winter is fast approaching and we don't want to end up like the Donner Party.  For those of you not familiar with this grisly part of California's history:

    By the way, this is near Donner Pass in the Winter. 


    We are confident that the other locations we need to film in will be accessible during our shooting time frame.  The experience will be nothing if not authentic! 



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