• The Future of The Treasure Chronicles

    We hope that you've enjoyed the latest episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We wanted to give you a longer view of how our concept of interactive programming works.  Our goal is to immerse you into our stories.  The audience has absolute and complete control of whether or not Lola, Antonio, and Henry succeed.  Not even we, the creators of the story, know precisely how it will end.

    We began our journey with the idea that we would give our audience an incentive to pay to view.  That incentive being that our views can win actual rewards.  In a very real sense, we are creating a game show in which the audience can win stuff, not the person on the screen.  We purposely avoided using ads and sponsors because we believed it was time the audience had the chance to be entertained AND get paid - instead of just the big media companies.

    That model has not worked as well as we would have hoped.  As things stand now, we simply can't continue to produce The Treasure Chronicles through self funding.  Our next phase is to look for help.  We'll be looking at all of our options to continue the series.  We'll consider advertising, sponsors, investors, partnerships, and even another crowd funding effort through Seed & Spark.

    Unfortunately, that means we will have to put production on ice again until we figure out things.  Meanwhile, we intend to continue to provide you with opportunities to gain TQ points and win prizes.  We even have a few surprises in store for you in the weeks and months ahead. 


    Our money back guarantee

    To those of you who have become paying members - our profound thanks.  In the very near future, we will contact you directly via email to offer you the opportunity to have your money refunded (or you can keep you membership as we push ahead!)  


    This is not the end

    This is simply a new phase.  We have just begun the fight to redefine how entertainment media is experienced!  We'll keep you up to date as things develop.


    From all of us at Immagix Media - thank you for 



  • Announcing New Episode Release Dates

    We'll begin releasing new episodes of The Treasure Chronicles on Thursday the 15th of November, 2016.  Join the hunt and register now.  Be a part of something completely different.  


    We'll also have a few other things to keep you busy in the meantime.  The next virtual treasure hunt poll will be out next week as well.  You'll get a chance to help us decide where we should hold our next virtual treasure hunt - for real treasures.

    We've got a bonus TQ point opportunity or two coming up to be timed with the release of our next episodes.  Also be on the lookout for some new video content.  Meet our actors as we continue our interview series.  We'll also be putting together a gold rush documentary series about one of the legends from The Treasure Chronicles.  

    We might be quiet, but that doesn't mean we haven't been busy!  Watch this space for updates.

  • TQ point leaderboard

    As we prepare to release ways for you to gain TQ points, and release more episodes of The Treasure Chronicles, we've updated the leader board.  You can find it directly at or from a link at The Treasure Chronicles Community page.

    Many more opportunities to gain TQ points are on the way.  You have to be registered in order to earn them.  Get ready to resume the hunt, and the quest for our grand prize from season 1.

  • Quick Update

    We're feverishly working on the final edits of the upcoming episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We've got a few filler scenes to capture this week and then we'll be adding the music selections, including those from "Diego's Umbrella" and "Off to California".   We'll have a release date for you very soon.

    We'll also be releasing a poll in the coming days to allow you to direct us where our next virtual treasure hunt will be.  We'll be sponsoring another real treasure hunt with real gold rewards, perhaps in your home town.



    We're also releasing some updates to our website this month to allow you to gain additional Treasure Hunter points.  These will be important towards your chances of winning our grand prize for the first season of The Treasure Chronicles.  We'll have quizzes, polls, and other interesting contests you can enter to gain more points towards our $3,000 grand prize.

    Get ready to re-join the hunt!

  • Insight into Ghost Dancer

    As I put the finishing touches on creating the first season of The Treasure Chronicles, and outlining the plans for the next nine seasons, the ideas for more interactive stories swirl around my mind. The possiblities seem limitless with a new way to spin traditional narrative themes. Science fiction, Horror, Mystery, and even comedy. They could all be adapted to our new way of storytelling. Imagine a horror series in which you can finally tell the idiots on the screen what they need to do to survive. Or perhaps we could put you in the role of a detective trying to solve a grisly murder. Be careful, or you'll end up being the next victim.

    However, one story keeps coming to mind. This story has its roots in a childhood spent digging for arrowheads and in black and white photos of American Indian warriors on the walls of secret clubhouses, far from the eyes of meddling adults. I developed a fascination with the people who once inhabited the wild places I roamed as a child. At that time, my view of the Indian was shaped by the old western movie I watched on Sunday mornings. The ones in which hapless pioneers in a wagon train would be ruthlessly attacked by indians who were bloodlessly killed in what amounted to suicide attacks. In those films, they always seemed to me to be much less like human beings and more like some kind of mythical manbeast. This image was replaced later with the romanticized concept of the noble savage living as one in harmony with nature, almost like a recent version of paradise lost. Certainly the image portrayed in later films, such as Dances with Wolves, reflected the evolution of public perception, but mine had already been reshaped by extensive reading and researching about the history and culture of the first people of America.


    It is from this lifelong fascination that the idea for the interactive series Ghost Dancer arose. Ghost Dancer is a mystery/action interactive series in which the audience must guide an FBI agent investigating a bizarre death on the lands near Glacier National Park in Montana. The story is one of mystery and intrigue, hatred and love, history and fantasy, all linked to a modern portrayal of life in and around the reservation of the Blackfeet in northern Montana. Why the Blackfeet? My personal connection to northern Montana has led to many journeys to that part of the world. The splendor of Glacier National park pulls me back again and again, but always I eyed the plains to the east of Glacier and wondered about the people who lived there. I certainly had no notion they still lived like the indians of my childhood memory. But I did wonder: Would I be welcome there? Was there any lingering animosity towards the race of people who had nearly committed genocide against so many of their ancestors?

    IMG_0403 copy

    I decided that the story needed for me to answer those questions. To understand, at least in some small measure, what life on the Blackfeet reservation is like. I embarked upon a volunteer mission with the charity group Global Volunteers and set off for a week of helping and learning on the reservation. My expectations were exceeded in so many remarkable ways!  For me, the stunning beauty of the reservation was enhanced by the strong sense of an historical link to the past. To be in that place, living and working with people who had such a connection to the land was very intense. I also got to see the realities of life on a reservation in a remote place with a harsh climate. To quote one Blackfeet member: "Being an Indian is hard." It was clear to see that they faced the same difficulties we all face, but with many additional challenges that are unique to being an American Indian.


    The trepidation I felt about how I would be received on the reservation being so...white, turned out to be unfounded. They matched neither the views of my childhood, nor the more romanticized notions of the eco-friendly native. They were, however, extremely welcoming and very eager to share their world with me. I will call our by name, two people who made the greatest impact on me. Brothers Tom and Marvin Crawford. I met Tom during an outing to experience the spiritual ceremony called 'The Sweat'. This is a purification ritual in which traditionally only men have attended. This is because men are generally in need of more purification. Think of a sauna on steroids. Prayers are offered and chants performed, and the process goes late into the evening. Afterwards, I was invited (as were other volunteers in my group) to participate in preparations for an upcoming ritual called the Sun Dance. The Sun Dance was being held on Marvin's ranch on the reservation.


    The Sun Dance is a ceremony practiced differently by several North American Indian Nations, but many of the ceremonies have features in common, including dancing, singing and drumming, the experience of visions, fasting, and, in some cases, self-torture. It is an incredibly important religious ceremony to many of the Plains Indians. In an effort to curb such practices, the United States government outlawed the Sun Dance in 1904. It is being revived amongst many of the tribes and I felt incredibly fortunate to be asked to participate in the preparation of the Sun Dance Lodge. It is difficult to put into words the experience I felt that first night as we gathered in a large ceremonial tipi to greet the dancers and to bless items to be used during the dance. This was followed by a communal meal, singing in Blackfeet, playing drums, and words spoken by elders. At one point, I felt like I had been transported back hundreds of years. The shadows from the fire pit created a sense that the altar I was seated in front of had actually risen.


    I did not stay for the Sun Dance ceremony itself, though I wish I had. However, I came away from the entire experience more invigorated than ever to bring Ghost Dancer to life. The inspiration for the story came from the land in and around Glacier National Park. However, it was my connection with the people on the Blackfeet reservation that truly breathed life into the characters and the story lines.  I look forward to bringing this remarkable story to you.

  • Return to the California Gold Rush



    We spent a beautiful Sunday in the California gold country recreating a little bit of history.  Our cast and crew did a fantastic job of working under the hot Sun to help us bring to life a fascinating period in history.  We'll be pulling together all of the footage we have to create two more episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We'll be featuring more music from some great independent musicians.  We're still aiming for an October 2015 release date for the next episode.  We're also working on a northern California public viewing event.  

    We'll be posting some information about our new cast members as well as some video interviews of our "modern" cast members.  We'll also be giving you a chance to tell us where our next treasure hunt should occur.  

    We're looking forward to October!

  • Another Treasure Hunt!

    Sacramento is apparently full of inept treasure hunters.  We did not receive a winning entry.  Bad news for Sacramento, but great news for others.  We're going to take our next hunt on the road.  Since the entire thing is virtual, that means we can put a treasure hunt practically anywhere in the world.  In keeping with our interactive nature, we're going to let you help us decide where the next hunt will be.  

    Next week, we'll give you a chance to convince us to come to somewhere near you. 


    And even bigger news (note the larger font)!  

    We're taking Sacramento's unclaimed gold and we're adding to it.  

    The next hunt will be worth $500.



  • Our treasure hunt on Android devices
    Unfortunately, it looks like there might be some issues with importing our treasure hunt into the Huntzz application on some Android devices.  Wish we had better news.  We'll look for an application that works better across platforms for our next hunt.
    From Huntzz Support:
    "I'm sorry to hear you've been having problems on the Android version of the app. It sounds like there's a conflict on that device. Did you create the hunt on the same device?
    In truth we have noted a few problems on Android currently and will have to either update it soon or actually remove it from the store.
    Do you perhaps have access to an iOS device in the meantime? I believe that is working fine."
  • Sacramento Treasure Hunt Live!

    We have worked through the issue getting our hunt online live.  It is now working and you can find the instructions on how to access it here:

    We are still working with the application developer on some issues we had testing with some Android devices (Samsung).  We were unable to import the data via copy and paste.  We'll let you know as soon as we hear an update.  Good luck!


  • Sacramento Treasure Hunt False Start

    We've run into a big of a snag on the treasure hunt.  We need to figure out a way to distribute the instructions to everyone without resorting to email spam (because we hate that).  We'll post an update when we've got it and we'll reset the clock to give you two weeks.  Sorry for the snafu.  We'll get it sorted as quickly as possible!


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