We are a very different kind of media production company  


Simply stated, the viewers control our stories. There are no set endings to each episode of our series. Our viewers must decide individually how they would like the story should proceed.  Every decision the audience makes has a lasting impact on the characters and the series as a whole.  They must also work together as a community for the heroes in the story to succeed. 

We are not producing video games. We have real actors, real stories, and real rewards.  In our contest, to accompany each season, every viewer has a chance to claim a rewards based upon their participation. 

We are an innovative company that combines the efforts of professional talents in both the technical and the creative media realms.  We see an opportunity to engage viewers in a different way from traditional passive entertainment.  Our goal is to become the de facto standard in creating truly interactive media.  We continuously engage with our audience to find new ways to involve them in our productions.  We seek to create a community in which interaction during the production will cause our audiences to become vested in ways that have previously not been possible.

We are based in the beautiful gold country of Northern California. We are a group of seasoned professionals representing both the technical and creative arts needed to bring the concept and our stories to life.  

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