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  • Return to the California Gold Rush



    We spent a beautiful Sunday in the California gold country recreating a little bit of history.  Our cast and crew did a fantastic job of working under the hot Sun to help us bring to life a fascinating period in history.  We'll be pulling together all of the footage we have to create two more episodes of The Treasure Chronicles.  We'll be featuring more music from some great independent musicians.  We're still aiming for an October 2015 release date for the next episode.  We're also working on a northern California public viewing event.  

    We'll be posting some information about our new cast members as well as some video interviews of our "modern" cast members.  We'll also be giving you a chance to tell us where our next treasure hunt should occur.  

    We're looking forward to October!

  • Another Treasure Hunt!

    Sacramento is apparently full of inept treasure hunters.  We did not receive a winning entry.  Bad news for Sacramento, but great news for others.  We're going to take our next hunt on the road.  Since the entire thing is virtual, that means we can put a treasure hunt practically anywhere in the world.  In keeping with our interactive nature, we're going to let you help us decide where the next hunt will be.  

    Next week, we'll give you a chance to convince us to come to somewhere near you. 


    And even bigger news (note the larger font)!  

    We're taking Sacramento's unclaimed gold and we're adding to it.  

    The next hunt will be worth $500.



  • Our treasure hunt on Android devices
    Unfortunately, it looks like there might be some issues with importing our treasure hunt into the Huntzz application on some Android devices.  Wish we had better news.  We'll look for an application that works better across platforms for our next hunt.
    From Huntzz Support:
    "I'm sorry to hear you've been having problems on the Android version of the app. It sounds like there's a conflict on that device. Did you create the hunt on the same device?
    In truth we have noted a few problems on Android currently and will have to either update it soon or actually remove it from the store.
    Do you perhaps have access to an iOS device in the meantime? I believe that is working fine."
  • Sacramento Treasure Hunt Live!

    We have worked through the issue getting our hunt online live.  It is now working and you can find the instructions on how to access it here:

    We are still working with the application developer on some issues we had testing with some Android devices (Samsung).  We were unable to import the data via copy and paste.  We'll let you know as soon as we hear an update.  Good luck!


  • Sacramento Treasure Hunt False Start

    We've run into a big of a snag on the treasure hunt.  We need to figure out a way to distribute the instructions to everyone without resorting to email spam (because we hate that).  We'll post an update when we've got it and we'll reset the clock to give you two weeks.  Sorry for the snafu.  We'll get it sorted as quickly as possible!

  • Sacramento Treasure Hunt




    We've decided to push the start back to Monday, August 10th at 12pm and end on Monday, August 24th at 12pm.  We wanted to give you two full and two full weekends to find the treasure.  Details available here.  

  • Join the cast of The Treasure Chronicles



    How would you like to embrace your inner villain? We are bringing audience interactivity to a whole new level. We are looking for one person to join us on Saturday, August 29th filming in the gold country near Sacramento, California. That's right, you will get a chance to join the cast of The Treasure Chronicles! We are searching for a Caucasian male actor between 20-40 years of age to play an evil gold rush miner. You will get a chance to dress up in California gold rush attire. You will get a chance to become a part of history as you help us re-make history in the world's first truly interactive video series. We'll feed you - and you'll get paid to do it!

    Please send us a picture via email to if you are interested. You'll need to be local to Sacramento, or willing to travel at your own expense. We'll announce if we've found an actor on Monday August 17th. We do reserve the right to pick and choose who we like best.  If you suck too badly on the set, we'll probably toss you in the river - just kidding on that last part (sort of).

    So tell all your male 20-40 friends and neighbors to get their face in the most innovative show anywhere!



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