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  • The summer quiet before the autumn storm

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    After a frenetic several months getting ready to resume production of The Treasure Chronicles, we've completed our first shoot.  We've still got plenty of work ahead to complete the next two episodes.  With Summer vacations, weddings, and just plain Summer fun, we're taking a bit of a hiatus.  This doesn't mean that we're sitting on our butts though.  To quote our irascible character Skagit "You've got to have a plan to win, so what's the plan?"  

    This month we'll be sharing some of the sights and sounds from our research trip to the Blackfeet Reservation in Montana.  Not only will Tom, our founder and creator, be researching a new interactive series, but he'll also be living and working amongst the Blackfeet as a volunteer for a week.  

    We'll be casting actors and actresses for the remaining scenes for the next two episodes.  We've got some great candidates who will help us portray some very important historical figures from the California gold rush.  These scenes are going to be great fun to shoot out in the gold country of the Sierra Nevada foothills.  We're planning on shooting during the last part of August. We'll get all of the footage over to our post production editing wizards and we're aiming for an October release of the next episode of the Treasure Chronicles!  Get registered and get set to rejoin the hunt for lost gold.

    Speaking of gold, we've got things setup for our Sacramento treasure hunt.  Get registered and tell your friends, if you happen to be in the Sacramento area during the first two weeks of August.  We're giving you the chance to track down real California gold rush gold, and have fun experiencing the sights and sounds of Sacramento at the same time.  Be on the lookout for some more clues to help you solve the riddles.  Also get ready to vote for the next city on our treasure hunt tour if Sacramento isn't able to step up and find the gold.  Remember - if they don't, then the treasure moves onto the next city and we add an additional reward on top of the first!

    Enjoy your Summer and get ready to re-join the hunt as we let you take control of The Treasure Chronicles.

  • Treasure Hunt Update





    Apologies for the late announcement on this. We got a bit behind with all of the preparation to film last weekend. At long last, the details you've been waiting for regarding our actual treasure hunt.

    Immagix Media LLC in conjunction with Huntzz, will be presenting a winner take all treasure hunt.

    When: From Saturday, August 8th, 2015 until Saturday, August 22nd, 2015.

    Where: Sacramento, CA

    During the course of the treasure hunt, Immagix users will be given the chance to determine which city the next treasure hunt will be held.
    If the Sacramento audience is not successful in finding the treasure, then it will move onto the next city and the reward will increase!

    What's at stake? We will be giving the audience the chance to win gold and artefacts from the gold rush era shipwreck the S.S. Central America. That's right, you can win gold that was lost over 150 years ago and was recently recovered from the ocean floor. The value of the treasure begins at not less than $250 US and will climb $100 for every 100 people who register (currently up to a maximum of $750 US)

     How do I win? You simply need to be the first person to solve all of the clues and visit each of the locations that the clues reveal. In order to participate:

    1. You'll be using the Huntzz app. 

    2. You'll need to be a member at 

    3. You will need to actually be in Sacramento, or helping solve the clues with someone who is in Sacramento

    4. Put on your walking/running shoes and your thinking cap in order to win. Come prepared for the hot Sacramento sun with plenty of fluids and cool clothing. Treasure hunting can be hot work.

    In other news, we've completed filming of parts of two more episodes of The Treasure Chronicles. We have one more day of shooting, currently scheduled for August 29th. We're aiming for a Fall release of the next two episodes. These episodes will introduce a number great new characters and provide some key clues to help you navigate your way successfully through the rest of the season. 

    Thanks for your support and happy treasure hunting!




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