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  • The Treasure Chronicles Update

    We're lining up shoot dates, assembling cast and crew schedules and working out the location details to get things moving.  You will have an opportunity to vote for what you believe Lola and Antonio should do next.  We'll re-open voting on May 1st for a limited time.  So get registered and cast your vote!  We've got another blog post planned to explain our money back guarantee.  Lots of things happening here at Immagix!

  • Treasure Hunt Details

    Here are the latest details on our promotional treasure hunt coming soon in Sacramento, California.

    What the heck is this?

    As a promotion for our interactive web series, The Treasure Chronicles, we are sponsoring an actual treasure hunt. The first one to solve all of the clues will actually win gold.

    Awesome! How do I get in on it?

    First, you'll need to be registered at in order to participate. Next, you'll need to install the treasure hunting app from Huntzz ( We're creating the hunt using their app. It allows us to do a real treasure hunt in which you'll need to figure out our clues in order to find the next location. You will need to physically go to the location (or have someone go for you if you aren't in Sacramento) in order to get the next clue. When you solve all of the clues before everyone else - you are the winner!

    When and where is this going to happen?

    We've decided that since The Treasure Chronicles' first season is about the California Gold Rush, what better place than to hold our first treasure hunt than the place where it all started - Sacramento, California. We're planning on beginning the hunt on a Saturday in June. We'll give you plenty of advance notice, but we're trying to have it coincide with our re-start of production.

    How much time will I have to complete it?

    It will be a race against your fellow treasure hunters. Only the first to solve all of the clues can claim the prize. We are also putting a ten day time limit on the hunt. If nobody has solved it after ten days, then the reward moves onto the next city. Not only will it move on, but another reward will be added to the prize pool!

    Are you really giving away gold?

    Yes! It will be actual gold, and it will also be a collectible item. We'll let you know precisely what it is soon, as well as the value of the prize. It is something that will undoubtedly gain in value the longer you hold onto it.

    We'll be releasing all of the legal details and rules at in the coming weeks and we'll give you the date for the launch, so register now. One more thing. The more people who register, the more valueable the prize will be. So tell your friends, or start a team and work together to solve it. We'll also start a forum at to allow you to interact with other hunters.

    As a bonus, we're going to pre-release the first clue in the treasure hunt later this week, so check back soon.

    We can't wait!

  • We are giving away gold

    Hidden gold. The very idea of it has started mad rushes throughout history. We're going to provide you with the clues to find
    some. It won't be easy, and you won't be alone. Finders keepers is the rule in treasure hunting. You'll have to be clever and
    you'll have to be fast to claim it. There will be only one winner, however, even if you aren't the winner, you can still earn TQ points by solving the puzzles/clues.

    Our first treasure hunt will be held in the place where the California Gold Rush truly began - Sacramento, California. The
    treasure hunt will be conducted using a fantastic app called Huntzz ( Huntzz allows us to create
    puzzles and clues you'll need to decipher to receive the next location on the treasure trail. At the end of the trail, for the
    first to solve all of the clues will be gold from the California Gold Rush era!

    You don't necessarily have to be in Sacramento to join the hunt, but you'll need to find a "runner" in Sacramento to uncover the
    clues if you aren't there. We'll have all the details next week (including the date of the event)!  


    Don't miss your chance to claim a part of history.


    On a side note, we'll also be doing some location scouting for The Treasure Chronicles.  We're all really looking forward to bringing you more!


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