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    Interactivity is everything

    Without you, our idea goes nowhere. We need an engaged audience willing to watch our shows and tell us what they think should happen next. When have you ever heard that from the producers of any television show? Certainly, anyone who has ever had the notion to tell their story on screen wants people to see the denouement of their efforts. However, our stories simply can't proceed unless we have an active audience telling us what to do next. At this point, you may be thinking: "How can I interact with your show if you don't have anything for me to watch?" A valid question.

    While we work on the plan for continuing our pilot season, we want to keep you engaged. So we're coming up with some fun and creative ways to get you involved. We're starting a series of interactive events. They will be centered around the lost treasure theme that The Treasure Chronicles embraces. We started The Treasure Chronicles to have fun, and plan to extend that to each of these concepts. Virtual treasure hunts, real treasure hunts, puzzles, and even something that blends reality and virtuality (that is a real word). We are planning on including rewards for each of these events.

    We're planning our first event as a treasure hunt that will mix the real and the virtual worlds. There are some really cool apps we're evaluating that will allow us to create virtual treasure boxes anywhere in the World. You'll need to track them down and "open" them to find the contents of the box. The boxes can hold anything...maybe even more clues!  Be prepared, you will either need to travel, have friends in remote places, or build a team.

    Production Update

    We've been working all of the angles to continue production of season one of The Treasure Chronicles. We've been doing some location scouting and working on our budget and we are planning on taking a phased approach to production. We'll work on episodes as schedules and budget allows. Our plan is to get the next two episodes produced and give you a chance to get to know our characters better and to dig into the mystery of the Lost Treasure of Z. We'll let you know the release date of the next episodes as soon as we get further along in the process. 

    "Look Ma, No Ads!"

    If you've spent anytime on our website, then you may notice something a little bit different. You are not being bombarded by any ads. Nope, not a single advertisement (outside of our own stuff) on the website. This is completely intentional. You see, we are Internet users ourselves and we find the daily barrage of pop-ups, steroid enahancement opportunities, and the latest clickbait youjustgottaseethisnow! ad to be highly annoying. However...that brings us to the next topic.

    “While money can't buy happiness, it certainly lets you choose your own form of misery.”
    ― Groucho Marx

    We've already outlined the challenges involved in creating our series. Everything else aside, money is the one that certainly gets the most attention. Hollywood studios are trying to figure out the new reality of video on the Internet, and how they will continue to make money from it. We believe that by giving you a real stake in what happens on the screen, and a real chance to be rewarded by participating, that an entry fee for each series and season is a reasonable way to go.

    The reality at the moment, we simply don't have the paying members we'd need to have a competitive series. We'll need more paying members to do this. We're making a guarantee to you right here. If you sign up as a paying member we will return your money if for any reason we do not finish the series. No risk to you, plus you'll get a chance to be a charter member and win some excellent prizes!  

    For those of you who didn't get a chance to vote during our pilot episode, we will be providing you with a second chance to do so.  So watch for that announcement too.

    Our home on the Web

    We'll be making some changes to the website. We'll be changing the layout of the community page to make is a bit cleaner and we're going to rearrange our homepage to de-clutter and make finding things easier. We'll be adding a calendar with upcoming events and We want to change the comments format to use Disqus. In case you don't know, Disqus is a very popular comments plug-in that many major news and entertainment web sites use. It is a great format for creating an active and involved community. We'll also be adding some other interactive content to keep things interesting.

    Thanks very much for sticking with us. We have some grand plans and we appreciate all of your patience and support.

    Everyone at Immagix Media.


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