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  • Imagination is free, but its worth is incalculable.

    Take a look around you. Unless you are reading this in a very remote, undeveloped corner of the world, then what you are viewing are the collective imaginative efforts of thousands, if not millions, of people. Every device, every building, even the clothes you are wearing all originated with an idea. Because imagination is free, that's what we've been placing our focus.

    As you have probably noticed, of late, we have gone into stealth mode. Despite the silence, we have been busy behind the scenes forming plans and creating content. To be honest, we aren't the kind of people who want to annoy you with inane updates. Perhaps it isn't the best business model, but in the end, we'd rather wait until we have something of substance to tell you. That time has arrived.

    First and foremost, we are doing everything in our power to continue to bring you innovative and creative new shows. During our quest to continue production of our first series, we have been in a creative frenzy developing and refining our stories and enhancing the concept of interactive programming. The potential story lines for The Treasure Chronicles have grown in number and scope. It really is great fun to investigate the stories behind these famous lost treasures and to weave them into our show concept.

    Interactivity is everything

    Without you, our idea goes nowhere. We need an engaged audience willing to watch our shows and tell us what they think should happen next. When have you ever heard that from the producers of any television show? Certainly, anyone who has ever had the notion to tell their story on screen wants people to see the denouement of their efforts. However, our stories simply can't proceed unless we have an active audience telling us what to do next. At this point, you may be thinking: "How can I interact with your show if you don't have anything for me to watch?" A valid question. While we work on the plan for continuing our pilot season, we want to keep you engaged. So we're coming up with some fun and creative ways to get you involved. We're starting a series of interactive events. They will be centered around the lost treasure theme that The Treasure Chronicles embraces. We started The Treasure Chronicles to have fun, and plan to extend that to each of these concepts. Virtual treasure hunts, real treasure hunts, puzzles, and even something that blends reality and virtuality (that is a real word). We are planning on including rewards for each of these events.

    In the coming days, we'll be revealing more details about our upcoming events, plans, release dates, and much more. We are truly just getting started!



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