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  • Are we crazy?

    We had the idea to try something completely new - to fundamentally change the way that people interact with narrative video entertainment. We knew going in that what we're proposing is radically new and different and it might be a bit overwhelming for audiences. The concept of taking traditional storytelling and giving the audience a role is probably such a crazy idea to so many traditional television producers.  It breaks so many rules and it introduces so much risk.  What if the audience intentionally screws up the story?  How do you maintain a production schedule that allows you to adapt to what the audience wants?  Is it possible to keep the story interesting and coherent with the audience controlling it?

    We believe that we've figured out how to successfully address each of those questions.  Ultimately though, the question remains:  Does the audience want to interact with their shows?  Do they want to become involved in controlling the story?  We made a logical, educated guess that the answer is yes. We've put a lot at stake already based upon that answer. We've reached a crossroads and we now need to figure out if our guess was right. It would be great if we were a multi-billion dollar production studio that could throw some money at the project and see if it might work. Unfortunately, we aren't - and we don't have rich uncles and aunts waiting in the wings. 

    So we've turned to crowd funding in the hopes that the audience would embrace our vision. We need 7,000 people to take a small chance on our idea ($10 US). We're willing to give you tangible rewards in return. You can be at a part of something completely new and different. We can't do it without you.

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    Meet the Cast

    We'll be releasing the next in our video interview series this week.  Meet our cast as we ask them some fun questions.



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