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  • Status Update

    We have a tremendous amount of activity going on behind the scenes now.  

    In no particular order:

    - Everything is arranged for our premier event in Sacramento on May 17th.  The first round of invitations are out and we'll be sending out additional ones in the coming weeks. We will have a limited number of tickets available to the public - this means you!  We'll share details on how you can score a pair of tickets.  Unfortunately, you'll be on your own with travel costs.  However, if you happen to be local to Northern California, or will be in the area on that Saturday, we'd love to have you. There will be live music, drinks, food, a chance to meet some of the cast and crew, and of course, the opportunity to be the first to see the pilot episode of The Treasure Chronicles!

    - We're making arrangements to do some pick-up shots for the first episode.  We've settled on May the 4th as the date. Very excited about this one!  We'll be recreating some scenes from the Gold Rush that tie into our story.  

    - We'll be announcing all of the details about our Geocaching event on Wednesday April 2nd.  It will be an actual contest, not just an event.  TQ points will be at stake - and the potential to win rewards are tied to this event.  You don't have to be an expert Geocacher to join in the hunt.  You don't want to miss this one.   

    - This week, you'll get a chance to meet one of our series most colorful characters - Henry Love.  What can we tell you about Henry?  Let's just say that he always speaks his mind.  Scott Divine, the actor playing the role, will introduce you to Henry this week.

    - We're also going to let you in on a unique concept that we'll be introducing with The Treasure Chronicles.  Our story will actually begin before before you see our first episode.  It isn't as crazy as it sounds.  

    - The writer/creator of The Treasure Chronicles will actually be on working vacation in April.  He'll be scouting out potential future locations for The Treasure Chronicles.  Be on the lookout for hints.

    We are into the home stretch now.  Thanks for joining us.  

  • Forest Service Meeting Outcome


    We had a great meeting with the Forest Service team last week.  They now understand what The Treasure Chronicles is all about and they seemed genuinely interested in the project.  We will be working closely with them over the next few weeks to ensure that our permits will be approved.  Fingers crossed, but things look very good right now!  We had a chance to scout out some of our locations and we were very happy to make some 

    Seeing the Elephant!

    "Seeing the Elephant" was an expression often used in Gold Rush times to sum up the feelings of American pioneers as they headed west on the Overland Trails.  It captured the excitement and anticipation of heading west to the gold fields.  It also sums up the feelings we have about releasing the first episode of The Treasure Chronicles. Due to Easter and Spring Break, we've decided to move our invitation only premier event from April 19th to tentatively Saturday, May 17th, 2014.  Elite members would get to view online on Sunday, May 18th. The public release date will be announced shortly.


  • The Latest and Greatest

    Things have been very busy lately.  Lots to cover, so let's get started.

    Crowd Funding Plan

    The biggest news is obviously our crowd funding effort. Our time frame has been pushed back due to The Crowd Funder show. We'll be going ahead full force with our plan once we receive a date from The Crowd Funder Show people about when our segment will be aired. We love the idea of The Crowd Funder show because it will allow us  to reach an audience of 3 million people on television and they will allow people to support us with very little cost to them. 

    The bottom line is that with The Crowd Funder Show, you will be able to be a part of something special as we re-define interactive programming.  We'll also be giving our supporters the opportunity to participate as elite members during our first season.  This means you'll get the chance to drive the story, win rewards and all you'll have to do is buy a gift card - does it get any better than that?

    As soon as we get a date, we'll certainly be getting the word out.


    We intend to add a segment to our pilot episode that connects our story to the Gold Rush past. This is something we have wanted to do from the beginning, but the budget has a mind of its own.  In the end, we decided that what these flashback scenes add to the story are too great to pass up. We'll be shooting that scene this month.  

    We are also meeting with the Forest Service today in order to try and secure filming permits in some of our future locations. Wish us luck!

    Tech Stuff

    The technical team has wrapped up implementation of the voting and scoring pieces.  We simply need to put a front end on it so the audience can access everything from one place. We want a simply, clean approach.  You will be able to access everything about The Treasure Chronicles (and our future series) from one community web page. Once that page is in place, we're going to open it up to testing with the public.

    Premier Event

    We've decided to hold a private screening of the pilot episode of The Treasure Chronicles in old Sacramento on April 19th 2014.  Plans include a performance by the musical group "Off to California" - who specialize in playing music from the California Gold Rush. We'll extend some invitations to our audience so keep an eye out for that.

    When are you going to launch?

    We've decided that releasing the first episode to the public will be a part of our crowd funding plan. We figure that people should have the chance to see what it is we're actually doing. The voting and scoring won't happen right away though.  If crowd funding is successful, we believe we are still on track to launch this Spring.

    More stuff 

    We've got more blog posts coming:

    • We'll explain how we are going to link a real treasure hunt to our show.
    • We'll also be starting some activities that will allow you to earn bonus TQ points.
    • We're going to let you in on some plans we have for future shows
    • We're going to explain how our story will actually be beginning before we ever show the first episode.


    At Immagix, the audience is always in control, so let us know what you think.





  • Quick Update

    We're going to be filming some Gold Rush flashback scenes this month for The Treasure Chronicles pilot episode!  We've got a big meeting with the Forest Service about permits next week and we're going to announce an invitation only private viewing of the pilot episode.  

    We'll also be providing all of the details on beta testing, crowd funding, and release dates.

    Many details to reveal on Monday 3/10/14.

  • Plans and Dates

    We're adjusting our time frame to take advantage of our upcoming appearance (and accompanying crowd funding campaign).  We'll be posting an updated schedule this week.  


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