Monthly Archives: February 2014

  • Crowd Funder Show

    We will be featured on an upcoming episode of this television show! This is an amazing opportunity for us - and for our audience!  Lots more details coming soon.

  • Crowd funding update

    Our Kickstarter project has been approved!  However, we've also been selected to appear on The Crowd Funder Show.  We've decided that we'll potentially run two crowd funding campaigns.  It pushes back our launch date a bit, but it will give our audience the chance to contribute and get much more in return! 

    We'll keep you posted!

  • Crowd funding Limbo

    We are waiting to hear back from Kickstarter to approve our campaign.  They seemed to have some issues with the contest aspect of our show.  Please be aware that we will be having promotions, incentives and special events - not contests. :-)

    We have another pretty fun crowd funding option we are also working on, but we can't share the details just yet.  It could be VERY good exposure.

    Let's bring truly interactive media and The Treasure Chronicles to life!


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