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  • New User Registration Issues

    As part of the implementation of the Community page and the TQ point scoring system, we've temporarily halted registration of new paying members.  Basic treasure hunter (Free) registration is working.  Currently, if you attempt to register as an elite treasure hunter, it simply registers you as a basic treasure hunter.  We'll post an update when elite treasure hunter registration is once again available. 

  • Social TV and Second Screen Webcasts

    We're proud to announce that we'll begin a weekly webcast series in which we'll be hosting discussion with some people who are doing some great things to bring television into this century.  We'll be aiming for every Wednesday @ 2pm Pacific time.  Join us and learn all about the way technology is changing the television viewing experience.



  • The Community page is coming to life!

    After much planning and design, we've begun the coding work today on the biggest technical part of the project:  building the website community page.  This will provide our audience with ways to interact with our productions, with all of us here at Immagix (including the cast of our productions!), and with other audience members.  We couldn't be more excited to get this going. 

    Here's a diagram that should help give you an idea of what it's going to look like.

    Sm Conceptual Community Page_edited-1


    What's even more exciting is that the TQ point system will go live very soon.  TQ points are going to be much more than just the points you get for voting during our shows.  They will be your currency at Immagix.  They will be worth something:  prizes, status and prestige amongst other viewers, and bargaining chips to influence other viewers.  We're going to have all kinds of fun coming up with interesting ways for you to earn them. :-)    

  • Why do we need your home address?

    If you've tried to register to become a treasure hunter for the first season of the Treasure Chronicles, you may have noticed that we had a requirement to include your full physical address.  We've taken that off as a requirement now.  We included it originally, because of legal guidance. 

    Apparently, there are certain countries which the United States government does not allow it's citizens to conduct business.  In the end, we decided that it was less creepy for us to ask everyone for their full physical address.  Now all you'll need to provide is your country. 

    If you do happen to win something during the season, and you want your prize, you'll need to provide your address.   If not, it will go to the next person in line.

  • Making Television Shows Fun

    Let's face it, television might be entertaining, and sometimes even engaging, but I would challenge anyone to describe their television viewing experience as fun.  That isn't a knock on the quality of television shows - quite the opposite.  In the past ten years, there has been a "cinemafication" of many television programs.  The quality of some shows now rivals major motion pictures (as do the budgets). 

    But high quality production and acting do not translate to a more engaging, fun viewer experience.  So what are these shows missing? 

    We believe that they are missing the "play factor".  Think back to the fun things you did as a kid.  What made them so fun?  It was all about playing.  Playing is about doing things that engage you physically, mentally, emotional, or socially (or all of them at once) simply for enjoyment. 

    We believe that we've found a way to bring that play factor into watching shows.  We're doing that in a couple of ways:

    • We're bringing a gaming aspect into our shows.
    • We're building a virtual playground where our audience can  interact with each other.
    • We're giving them something to play for.
    • Going forward, we've got some great plans to start blending reality and imagination for an even more entertaining, engaging experience.

    We're glad to have you along for the ride!


  • The Treasure Chronicles: Status Update

    We have activity going in several areas right now.  We'll do our best to keep everyone up to date through our blog and email newsletter.   Feel free to enter suggestions into the forums or email us at immagix@immagix.comWe REALLY love hearing from our audience.

    Video Production

     To those of you who may be a bit out of touch, the US government shutdown ended today and we can now submit for the permits need to shoot!  We need to get out and scout this wilderness location and figure out the logistics.  The area we plan to film in is fantastic!  Old gold rush ghost towns, beautiful forests and deep river valleys.  Normally, the weather doesn't take a turn for the worse until December so we are very hopeful that we can get everything done before the weather turns.


    As we've re-opened our website to the public this week, you'll notice that there are still a few things that we need to work on.  The most obvious is the Community page for The Treasure Chronicles.  If you look at that page now, there are some descriptive placeholders that tell you what will eventually be there.  We are  working on all of that and you will see big changes in the coming weeks.  One of the big ones is the TQ points scoring mechanism.  Don't worry, if you sign up now, you will be credited with those bonus TQ points.  We'll be looking for beta testers for the voting process.  We'll be reaching out to registered members to ask for help.

    Founder's Notes

    I'd like to answer one of the question I often get asked:  When will all of this be going live?  When will the audience be able to start watching and voting?  

    If you've gotten this far, you'll know that the unique aspect of our production is the interaction with our audience.  Decision points and voting, the TQ point scoring system and ranking, community interaction.  Plain and simple, we cannot proceed beyond the first episode without an audience already in place.  The dilemma that we face is best summed up by Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams:  "Build it and they will come".  We need the audience to come WHILE we are building it.  We need to have people excited by the idea before they see the finished project.  No easy task to be sure - especially when we are not some big studio with armies of marketing people.  

    In the end, it comes down to faith and a strong belief in what we are doing.  We've already invested a bunch of time, effort, and money based solely upon the conviction that what we are doing will be as fun and exciting for the audience as it is for those of us creating it. 


  • Uncompromising Locations

    One of the unique aspects of The Treasure Chronicles, aside from the whole interactivity thing, is the historical connections to our stories.  Though the stories are all fictional, the locations where our stories take place will be very real, but please don't go out and harass homeowners and trespass all over private property looking for our treasures - they aren't really there. 

    This presents a number of unique challenges that we need to overcome.  Overzealous fans (and random intoxicated non-fans), inopportune noises in the middle of a scene - basically all of the chaotic happenings of life on planet Earth.  If you check our the live blog from our first episode, you'll get a taste of some of these (

    We've encountered one of these random events during our first season.  We have certain locations that are quite remote.  They are challenging to get to during the best times of the year.  When the weather turns bad, they become VERY difficult to access.  If you aren't familiar with the climate of Northern California, it can be summed up in one phrase:  We have a rainy season and a dry season.  We are coming to the end of the dry season.  Rain, winds, snow, etc. will soon be arriving.  We need to get out to these remote locations to film before that happens.

    Along comes the government shutdown.  For reasons known only unto themselves, the United States government has decided to shutdown many of their functions and offices.  Unfortunately for us, we need one of those offices to issue us a permit to be able to film.  So now we wait.  It's a race to see if the bureaucrats can get their act together faster than Mother Nature descends upon us with Winter's fury.  We'll manage either way.  It sure would be nice if we didn't have to.     

  • Lola, Charlotte, and Wren

    Something very interesting happened during the genesis of The Treasure Chronicles.  Three female characters emerged with such strong personae that it soon became clear that they could easily take control of the series.  It didn't happen intentionally, they simply exerted their will and came into being.  That is the kind of women they are.  They won't be ignored.  They are each vastly different from each other in their backgrounds, personalities, and world views, but they have a common thread running between them - their strength.  They are certainly not without their own collections of flaws, doubts and life challenges to deal with, but adversity is not something from which any of them will shrink.

    It is not without some irony that the historical backdrop for our first season is during a period when women were initially almost completely unrepresented and the roles they played, while extremely harsh and challenging, were performed with no recognition .  A few strong women emerged, built fortunes and created legacies.  Perhaps that is from where Lola, Charlotte, and Wren channel their strength.

    Wikipedia Women of the California Gold Rush





  • Welcome Back!

    We're back to blogging all about The Treasure Chronicles and couldn't be happier!  We've been very busy the past few weeks.  After filming our pilot on 9/29 and 9/30, we've been preparing our promotional campaign to get the word out about our series.  Here are a few ways you can keep up to date about what we're doing.

    You can opt-into our email list and view our interview series that goes into detail about Immagix and The Treasure Chronicles.  We'll be posting the next in the series VERY soon.

    You can view the trailer for our first season at the link below.  Just click on the play arrow and enjoy!

    We'd love to have you join our email list.  We'll be providing our subscribers with access to behind the scenes stuff, unique content, and special access to clues that could make all the difference during the upcoming season!




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