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  • Status Update – Elite Treasure Hunters now welcome

    Technical Update

    We are hard at work to get all of the website pieces and parts in place. 

    Elite Treasure Hunter membership now available

    You can now become an Elite Treasure Hunter by paying your entry fee.   We've still got some work to do to get the landing page finished and to actually give you some things to do once you are a member, but we are making good progress.

    Integrated Chat

    You'll notice that when you login, you'll have a chat window.  This will allow you to reach out to your fellow treasure hunters to start building allies.  Forums are also available if you'd like to initiate topics. 

    Production Update


    Trailer is getting closer and closer!  We are really excited about it and will soon provide you with a countdown timer to trailer launch.

    Location Scouting

    We'll be doing some location scouting for the site of our first episode this weekend.  Looking forward to getting some fantastic behind the scenes footage to share with our Elite Treasure Hunters soon. 


    We had a first run through of the script for the pilot episode this week and it went really well.  We also decided upon our last cast member - Ting Sun.  We'll get her photo online soon, and all of our cast's bios.


    Thanks for checking in.  We'll keep you posted.  Lots of exciting stuff happening this week!

  • Cast of The Treasure Chronicles Season One


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