an evolutionary new entertainment media experience

  • Have you ever wished you could change the outcome of your favorite television show?
  • Have you ever suffered through a movie with a completely predictable plot?
  • Have you thought that you could do it better?



The Treasure ChroniclesTM is an interactive media adventure series presented by Immagix Media LLC.

Simply watch, vote and control the story.

You watch each weekly episode and decide what you think should happen next.

Then you vote for your choice and try to influence the rest of the audience to vote along with you.

Each episode you earn points and can become the top treasure hunter for the season.

Anything can happen.  The story goes where the audience directs us.


When was the last time your favorite television show let you control the action onscreen AND gave you the chance to win great prizes?

You can win $3,000 USD (or more!) watching and voting during The Treasure Chronicles.


The Treasure Chronicles Community page is the place to start.  Go there to watch, vote, and win.


See the pilot episode of The Treasure Chronicles here.


Immagix is in the news.  Great story in the California gold country news about what we're doing.  


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We are offering viewers the chance to experience history during the inaugural season of The Treasure Chronicles. 

Basic Treasure Hunter registration for Season 1 is:  FREE!

Elite Treasure Hunter registration for Season 1 is:  $10 US  

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